Welcome to our Blog! We created it to inform you about all things construction while having fun and giving you inspiring ideas. We certainly appreciate the creative boost from others at times and wish to do that for you! So why should you keep reading and who the heck are we?

Russell Construction was started in 1983 (38 years ago!) by Steve Russell, who is the President today. We are a family owned and operated business based out of Montgomery, AL. The majority of our work takes place in the Montgomery River Region area and south throughout the panhandle of Florida. However, we perform projects throughout the Southeastern U.S. as opportunities arise. Our main focuses are healthcare and large commercial construction. We also build several custom homes per year and have a Strategic Projects Division that performs smaller projects to be a full-service company for all of our customers.

What sets us apart? We want your dirty, complicated, head twisting, kicking and screaming type of projects. Then, we take those awesome ideas and create a product for you of the highest quality. We have been able to gain vast experience over the years and we have gained a passion for the construction industry from that experience. We take what we have learned to make YOUR project the best that it can be. Often times what we are building is our customer’s largest investment they have ever made (especially when it is your home!) and we want you to feel that we are caring for your investment as if it was our money, too. Our reputation precedes us, and we want you to be our next biggest cheerleader.

So why do we need a blog? We would not be loving what we do if we didn’t want to share it with the world! We want to keep you informed on not only how politics and weather are affecting us, but also what the current building and design trends are. If you’re in our industry, we want to partner with you! If you’re not, we hope you learn what you’re looking for and enjoy yourself while doing it.

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