Montgomery is home to several leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, like Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to name a few. As a company, we have been able to contribute to the renovations of Dexter King Memorial Church on Dexter Avenue, where Dr. King preached often, as well as the Patronage Museum. As I have said before, we like challenging projects. We have been honored to have been a part of the Equal Justice Initiative’s team of creating jaw dropping museums that honor the past, celebrate the accomplishments, and push towards an even better future.

Every museum you go to is different, and every museum’s goal is to inform you while simultaneously captivating you into wanting to come back and bring more people with you. The Equal Justice Initiative, led by Bryan Stevenson, has built four museums now in the downtown Montgomery area that do just that. Russell Construction has been allowed to be a part of three of those projects: The Legacy Museum, The Auditorium for the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, and the Memorial Gardens. How awesome to have been able to take something we do every day –  construction –  and allow it to be a small part in an even bigger picture that brings awareness to the cause and tourism to the Montgomery area.


The way that you feel when you enter a room, whether it be scrunched down or open-air that makes you want to spin around and dance, a lot of times has to do with the way that room is constructed. Design selections bring an absolutely necessary “pop” and finishing touch to the end of a project, but if the building was not constructed with the ultimate end goal in mind, then the design choices will never be able to live up to what the customer is wanting. Understanding the end goal of your construction project from the very beginning is of utmost importance. The Owner, Architects, Designers, Engineers and Contractors for the Equal Justice Initiative had to completely understand how they wanted their visitors to feel and what they were to learn when they leave these museums and learning spaces. While these projects are large and are held in high regard, the same foundations ring true for constructing your own home.

We’d love for you to visit Montgomery and these amazing sites. Linked here is the National Memorial for Peace and Justice website that will allow you to purchase tickets, read more about the exhibits, and find its location:

Also, other sites we have renovated that are well worth the visit:

Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church

Dexter Parsonage Museum

Need somewhere to Stay on your visit? Here are a few suggestions:

The ‘lil Pink House

Civil Rights Trail Townhome

Renaissance Montgomery


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