HOLY MOLY – We so enjoyed watching episode 1 of HomeTown Takeover Wetumpka!! This opening line felt fitting since, if you watched the show, you know I got caught saying very southern phrases such as “holy moly” and “easy peasy.” All the hard work, the late nights, the early mornings, the overthinking, the design decisions, the coffee runs, the band-aids, the feet blisters, the worrying, and the EXCITEMENT that came with getting us to these first two reveal episodes was so worth it.

We spent a couple of quick months “preparing” for the chaos that was about to come. However, nothing prepared us for the fast-paced environment we were entering into. Tapp 18 and the Moody’s House were two projects I was especially excited about in different ways. The Moody’s calling to play such a vital role for others, especially children, at such a young age themselves really struck a chord with me. From our first meeting, I knew we needed to create a space that was not only a safe haven for all that entered their doors but also created a space of togetherness for Kasey and Ray to be able to enjoy themselves and feel accomplished at the end of the day when all the babies were in bed. There were so many roadblocks in their current house design that prevented this, such as a cramped entryway and constant worry to keep eyes on the kids despite the kitchen being totally cut off from everywhere else. Of course, moms of toddlers live in the kitchen, and this space needed to be bigger. Not to mention the amazingly gorgeous cabinets that were installed (my favorite!! SW Privilege Green) The age of the home and the electrical wiring proved to be a major issue that we needed to fix the correct way to avoid any future damage. Many renovations run into these challenges and you need to be sure to hire a licensed, qualified professional to point you in the right direction to correct the issue instead of having a band-aid fix. The demo process in this house was fun – there was so much to take out! Plus, Ben and Erin brought a good friend with them, a big, burly guy, that helped speed up the process. Having them all there was a great help. I almost forgot – Dave and Jenny Marrs! What a blessing they are to everyone they meet. They were the perfect match to help on these renovations and really brought an extra boost of energy and creativity. Definitely check out Jenny’s Instagram – you will see all of the adorable farm animals and crazy life they have on the farm back in Arkansas. It is the best! (@jennymarrs) They still message me to keep up with life in Wetumpka to this day.

Tapp 18 made me nervous because if Tabatha did not immediately fall in love with her new space, I knew we were all going to know it. She cannot hide anything on her face! 😉 She was sure to be a HIT and I wanted to make this space so special for her. We are a local, family-owned business that has certainly had its’ own share of ups and downs. I felt this process for her as she was in such a downstage in her business and it made my heart hurt. In fact, before Tabatha knew Ben and Erin were surprising her and she thought she was just filming a promotional video, I did breathing exercises with her to simply make her calm her nerves to be able to talk to the camera. She is SO genuine, appreciative, and compassionate about her business. Tabatha’s space offered its own set of challenges. It is really just one big, older square box – also known as the EXACT same thing every other commercial business starts with. We needed to make it pop and make it unique in its own way that brought people inside that have driven down that street a million times as well as the first-timers. Like Erin said in the show, the point of sale in every business is the focal point of the store and needs to not only display your logo but also be something people remember. It is the last memory they will have of your store. The power of social media for small businesses is also evident in this episode. Tabatha now has a space to display her inventory and promote it through a website and social media platforms. Social media is free for every business to use. If you aren’t taking advantage of it, you are MISSING opportunities left and right. If you just don’t know how to use it or how it will help, send us a message… there are professionals for that!

Oh and Sheryl Crow?! She’s pretty awesome too. I pray she doesn’t remember meeting me for the first time, though, as it was about 7 AM and I was carrying a pile of trash and leftover coffee to the dumpster preparing for the day. As I walked out of the door I dropped everything I was holding down the steps and she was standing at the bottom. Great first impression, right?!

The reveals for these two renovations came QUICK. Everyone is used to a typical build schedule and in that last week, you get a million little things done. In the TV world, you have about 6 hours to get all of those little things done and make it perfect. While the last week is #teamnosleep, it is all well worth it when you see their faces as they walk through the door. I want YOU to be able to surprise yourself with what you CAN do in your own home. Below are links to everything we used in the first two renovations that may help to spark your creativity and point you in the right direction of who to call. If you have other questions – feel free to shoot them to us on our social media platforms: Instagram or Facebook.

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FlooringKardean French Oak – Gardner Flooring & Design

Appliances –  Whirlpool and Kitchen Aid –  Need specifics? Reach out!

Lighting –  Inline Electric @inlinelectricmontgomery 

Countertops – Olympia Quartz

Shutters – Southern Shutter

Paint Colors:

Staging – Staging items provided by Design Team, Set to Sell @settosell, and Beth Bryan Designs @bethbryandesigns

Design Carpentry – Long Leaf Woodshop

TAPP 18 Selections

Flooring – https://www.s2snorthhouston.com/

Lighting – <insert graphic from Inline Electric> @inlinelectricmontgomery https://inlinelighting.com/

Colors –

Design Carpentry – https://www.longleafwoodshop.com/

Acoustical Ceiling Tile Material

 Installed by Dixie Acoustical